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Spring Core – Interview Questions

Here we will see, Some Important Spring Core Interview Questions which are asking frequently for Freshers and Experience. :


1. What is Spring Framework? What are it’s main modules?

2. What are the benefits of using Spring Framework?

3. Can you explain what is Tight Coupling and Loose Coupling with some example?

4. What is Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection?

5. Explain IoC in Spring Framework?

6. How many Types of Ioc Container in Spring?

7. Difference between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext?

8. How to implement BeanFactory in our Spring application?

9. How to implement ApplicationContext in our Spring application?

10. In how many ways, you can configure Spring into our application?

11. What is Spring XML-Based Configuration and how to Configure it?

12. What is Spring Java-Based Configuration and how to Configure it?

13. What is Spring Annotation-based Configuration and how can we configure it?

14. What are Spring beans?

15. What does a bean definition contain?

16. How do add a bean in spring application?

17. Explain Spring Bean lifecycle?

18. What do you mean by bean scope and how do you define it?

19. What are different Spring Bean Scopes?

20. What is default scope of bean in Spring framework?

21. In which scenario, you will use singleton and prototype scope?

22. What are inner beans in Spring?

23. Are Singleton beans thread safe in Spring Framework?

24. How can you inject a Java Collection in Spring? Give example?

25. How to inject a java.util.Properties into a Spring Bean?

26. Explain Spring Bean Autowiring?

27. What are the limitations with autowiring?

28. Explain different modes of bean autowiring?

29. How do you turn on annotation based autowiring?

30. Explain @Required annotation with example?

31. Explain @Autowired annotation with example?

32. Explain @Qualifier annotation with example?

33. What are the JSR-250 Annotations? Explain them.

34. Difference between constructor injection and setter injection?

35. Which DI would you suggest Constructor-based or setter-based DI?

36. How is event handling done in Spring?

37. What are the different types of events in spring framework?

38. Difference between FileSystemResource and ClassPathResource?

39. Name some of the design patterns used in Spring Framework?

40. Can you inject null and empty string values in Spring?

” As of Now that’s All I have, These questions will help you for Interview. I am adding some more questions with answers as soon as Possible. If you have some questions which is not in this list, then you can add a comment for it and I will include here. “

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