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Hibernate – Interview Questions

Hibernate is one of the most widely used ORM tools. It is used for database operations. So, below are some Hibernate interview questions which will help you to crack.


1. What is Hibernate Framework?

2. What is Java Persistence API (JPA)?

3. What are the important benefits of using Hibernate Framework?

4. What are the advantages of Hibernate over JDBC?

5. What are the technologies that are supported by Hibernate?

6. Why use Hibernate Framework?

7. What is an ORM tool?

8. Name some important interfaces of Hibernate framework?

9. What is hibernate configuration file?

10. What is hibernate mapping file?

11. Name some important annotations used for Hibernate mapping?

12. What is Hibernate SessionFactory and how to configure it?

13. Hibernate SessionFactory is thread safe?

14. What is Hibernate Session and how to get it?

15. Hibernate Session is thread safe?

16. Difference between Session and SessionFactory in Hibernate?

17. What is difference between openSession and getCurrentSession?

18. What is difference between Hibernate Session get() and load() method?

19. What is One-to-One association in Hibernate?

20. What is One-to-Many association in Hibernate?

21. What is Many-to-Many association in Hibernate?

22. How can we see Hibernate generated SQL on console?

23. How can the primary key be created by using Hibernate?

24. What is meant by Light Object Mapping?

25. How can you share your views on mapping description files?

26. What is Dirty Checking in Hibernate?

27. What is hibernate caching? Explain Hibernate first level cache?

28. How to configure Hibernate Second Level Cache using EHCache?

29. Difference between the first and second level cache in Hibernate?

30. What are different states of an entity bean?

31. What is use of Hibernate Session merge() call?

32. When do you use merge() and update() in Hibernate?

33. What is difference between Hibernate save(), saveOrUpdate() and persist() methods?

34. What will happen if we don’t have no-args constructor in Entity bean?

35. Discuss the Collections in Hibernate

36. What is difference between sorted collection and ordered collection, which one is better?

37. What are the collection types in Hibernate?

38. How to implement Joins in Hibernate?

39. Why we should not make Entity Class final?

40. What is HQL and what are it’s benefits?

41. What is Query Cache in Hibernate?

42. Can we execute native sql query in hibernate?

43. What is the benefit of native sql query support in hibernate?

44. What is Named SQL Query?

45. What are the benefits of Named SQL Query?

46. What is the benefit of Hibernate Criteria API?

47. How to log hibernate generated sql queries in log files?

48. What is Hibernate Proxy and how it helps in lazy loading?

49. How to implement relationships in hibernate?

50. What is meant by Hibernate tuning?

51. What is Transaction Management in Hibernate? How does it work?

52. What is cascading and what are different types of cascading?

53. How to integrate log4j logging in hibernate application?

54. How to use application server JNDI DataSource with Hibernate framework?

55. How to integrate Hibernate and Spring frameworks?

56. What is Hibernate Template class?

57. How to integrate Hibernate with Servlet or Struts2 web applications?

58. Which design patterns are used in Hibernate framework?

59. Difference between the transient, persistent and detached state in Hibernate?

60. Difference between managed associations and Hibernate associations?

61. What are the best practices that Hibernate recommends for persistent classes?

62. What are best practices to follow with Hibernate framework?

63. What is Hibernate Validator Framework?

64. What is the benefit of Hibernate Tools Eclipse plugin?



” As of Now that’s All I have for Hibernate interview questions, These questions will help you for Interview. I am adding some more questions with answers as soon as Possible. If you have some questions which is not in this list, then you can add a comment for it and I will include here. “

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