~~ Spring Boot ~~

 1. Introduction

    1.1 Spring Boot-Intorduction
    1.2 Spring Boot-Architecture
    1.2 Spring Boot-Quick Start

 2. Project Creation

    2.1 Spring Initializer
    2.2 Spring Boot CLI
    2.3 STS IDE
    2.4 Eclipse IDE
    2.5 First Program
    2.6 Spring Boot-Code Structure

 3. Spring Boot – Beans & DI
 4. Spring Boot – Runners
 5. Spring Boot – Properties File
 6. Spring Boot – Looging
 7. Spring Boot – Rest WebServices
 8. Spring Boot – Exception Handling
 9. Spring Boot – Interceptor
 10. Spring Boot – Servlet Filter
 11. Spring Boot – Rest Template
 12. Spring Boot – File HANDLING
 13. Spring Boot – Thymeleaf
 14. Spring Boot – Internationalization
 15. Spring Boot – Scheduling
 16. Spring Boot – Actuator
 17. Spring Boot – Email Handling
 18. Spring Boot – Database Handling
 19. Spring Boot – Caching

Spring Boot | Introduction :

Spring Boot is an open source which helps us to create a Micro Service. It is not a framework, it is a way to create any type of Spring application with minimum configuration and production ready code. It is developed by “Pivotal Team”. Micro Service : Micro Service is such type of architecture where we can develop and deploy our services independently. It is also lightweight and loosely coupled. Spring Boot Features :
  1. It is very easy to develop Spring based applications with Java.
  2. It reduces  lots of development time and increases productivity.
  3. It avoids writing of lots of boilerplate Code, Annotations and XML Configuration.
  4. It is very easy to integrate Spring Boot application with other Spring system like Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Data, Spring Security, etc.
  5. It provides embedded HTTP Servers like Tomcat, to develop and test our application very easily.
  6. It provides lots of plugin to work and in-memory database also.
  7. It avoids completely XML Configuration.
  8. It supports Maven and Gradle also for dependency.
Limitations of Spring Boot :
  1. It is very tough and time consuming process to convert existing or legacy Spring framework Projects into Spring Boot Applications. So it is recommended for new Spring Projects.